Brent PFI Housing Team Celebrates Delivery of 384 new homes

21 November 2012

On 20 November 2012, housing association The Hyde Group and Bouygues UK celebrated with Brent Council to mark the completion of construction in the Brent Housing and Social Care PFI, a multi-million pound project which has delivered 384 affordable and much needed new homes to the borough.

The project, to provide new housing through a public-private partnership, is a welcome addition to the borough and Brent Coefficient – through Hyde, Bouygues UK and Ian Williams – is helping the Council address the shortage of suitable housing for homeless families, reduce reliance on bed and breakfast accommodation, and modernise residential care services for people with learning difficulties.

Thirteen sites across Brent deliver a broad range of properties: from five and six bedroom town houses, to flats of all sizes to suit individuals and local families of different sizes.  They all comply with eco homes level three or four which underlines Brent Council’s commitment to sustainability.

The occasion was marked with a presentation showcasing the 13 new sites that have been delivered and speeches from representatives of the housing delivery partners.

Speaking at the event, Simon Peacock, Finance Director of The Hyde Group, said:

“At Hyde our underlying purpose is to improve the lives of people who live and work in the communities where we have a presence and so we’re pleased to be able to make such a real and positive difference to those families in most need of housing in the London Borough of Brent and at a time when there is little development taking place across our country.

“This evening we’re also paying tribute to a notable milestone for a well-established, effective partnership that has invested a tremendous level of commitment into the project. Many obstacles had to be overcome to bring this project to life; it has taken many talented and committed individuals to get where we are today against the backdrop of the worst financial crisis in living memory.  None of this would have been possible without the experience of the delivery team in this unique partnership. ”

Managing Director of Bouygues UK, Lionel Christolomme, commented:

“The completion and handover of the Brent PFI Housing scheme ahead of time and on budget, is a tremendous achievement for all involved.  As a result of a strong working relationship between Bouygues UK, The Hyde Group and Brent Council, hundreds of affordable homes have been delivered across the borough, helping families who were very much in need”.

Resident of one of the new 384 homes, Ms Rachel McBain-Bernard, said:

“I’m much happier; its closer for work and the children only need to get one bus to school. And with three bedrooms, it’s much more spacious and easier to clean. We’ve all settled in nicely.”