Bouygues UK produces first Responsibility Report

4 May 2012

Bouygues UK has produced a new Responsibility Report 2011, the first it has produced that focuses solely on the sustainable development and community achievements of Bouygues UK.

As a construction company, Bouygues UK affects the lives of a large number of stakeholders, and through the buildings it designs and delivers, leaves a lasting legacy for society.  A responsible approach to how Bouygues UK works is expected and makes business sense.  Bouygues UK’s proactive approach to respecting the environment, its staff, its many stakeholders and their communities is simply the right thing to do and is part of the way Bouygues UK does business.

It has been 15 years since operations started in the UK and founded on the strong and distinctive philosophy of its parent company, Bouygues UK believes that it brings a fresh approach and a desire to do things differently.

To view our Corporate Responsibility Report 2011, please click here