The Home Office

“Bouygues UK is very strong in engineering and design. They understand that it’s about value and making sure the design works.” – Sir Terry Farrell (from Terry Farrell & Partners – architects for the Home Office scheme).

This amazing space provides a striking focus for the regeneration of the surrounding area and is part of a mixed-use development, which includes residential accommodation, urban spaces, pathways and retail outlets.

Timescales for the project were tight, and Bouygues UK adopted fast track construction techniques such as “hybrid construction”, a mix of pre-cast and in-situ concrete structural elements to ensure the project was delivered on time and within budget.

With the flexibility provided by the PFI model, significant architectural features were integrated into the building during construction, without affecting the financial or programming aspects of the project.

Bouygues UK’s close and positive partnerships with the client, community stakeholders and entire supply chain were crucial to the project’s success.

The Home Office contributed to design development throughout the process, with user groups extensively involved at all key stages. The local community was regularly consulted, and hoardings were enlivened with paintings from local artists and children from  Millbank Primary School, located nearby.

Bouygues UK’s sister company, Bouygues Energies & Services, was significantly involved in the design and procurement process, optimising the building’s long-term value and operation and managing the facility ongoing.