Mary Rose Museum

HRH Prince Harry took part in a ceremony laying the foundation stone for the new Mary Rose Museum that will house the ship and its artefacts. It involved a time capsule, being buried in the floor of the new museum, to which Prince Harry added his own personal note.

This internationally renowned museum, built in the historic Portsmouth Dockyard, was one of the most ambitious heritage construction project seen in Europe this decade and a major step in the excavation and conservation of a historic ship.

Designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre, Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will, this £35m heritage project will enable the ship to be revealed dry for the first time in over 450 years.

All the work was undertaken under the careful eye of a full time archaeologist, as Dry dock number three, which houses the ship’s hull, is a Schedule Ancient Monument in its own right.

The new building has been made to look like “a finely crafted wooden jewellery box” with the hull at its centre and galleries running the length of the ship, each at a level corresponding to a deck level on the ship. Together, the museum and ship will display most of the 19,000 artifacts that were recovered from the wreckage.

John Lippiett, chief executive of the Mary Rose Trust:

“The museum is testament to all those who have worked so hard on this remarkable 42-year project to locate, salvage and conserve the ship and her contents.”

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