Green Office®

An experiment, a challenge, an innovation and a success, our Green Office® in Meudon, France marks the emergence of a new generation of positive energy buildings.

Completed in 2011, the 23,300m² Green Office® spans eight storeys, with three levels of basement car parking. Our parent company, Bougyues, successfully designed and constructed the building, which is our first positive energy building, and is set to be the first of many under the Green Office® trademark.

The building’s focus on energy-efficiency, environmental design, outstanding end-user comfort and ergonomics has resulted in a truly sustainable performance. The design has HQE and BREEAM ‘Excellent’ certification, and carbon emissions of nearly zero.

Intelligent design enables the excellent energy performance, which is guaranteed by Bouygues. Energy consumption is balanced by renewable energy production and occupant behaviour: per year, 64kW/m² of energy is produced, with 61kW/m² of energy consumed. The Green Office® consumes 65 per cent less energy than a similar building compliant with current European energy standards.

Building materials were chosen for their natural effect on comfort and their potential to reduce energy consumption, and the building has 4,200m² of photovoltaic panels. Solar-controlled external blinds, linked to the BMS, have proven twice as efficient as internal blinds.

Orientated to take maximum advantage of sunlight, the design involved strategic room placement, such as the location of heavy IT areas at the northern end of the building.

Real time tracking of energy consumption and production by the BMS allows optimum regulation and ensures building occupants are involved in a daily basis in the energy use of this truly living building – a conscious and responsible approach that enhances natural and participatory wellbeing.