Earlsdon Park Premier Inn

In the mid-19th century Earlsdon was a hub of activity for the rising watch-making trade. It is the birthplace of aviation pioneer Frank Whittle – the house where he was born is marked out by a small grey commemorative plaque.

The refurbishment, restoration and extension of this 7,000 square metre hotel used a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art construction methods.

The existing building required a complete strip out, refurbishment and restoration, as many original features had fallen into disrepair, been covered up or changed during the seven decades of building’s education uses.

Internal demolition works took the building back to its steel frame and precast floor planks, with reconfiguration and a full fit out allowing its conversion to residential use.

Original steel windows, featured leaded lights and original tiles in the entrance were painstakingly restored, along with the central lightwell atrium and the two original terrazzo staircases sweeping down either side of it.

In contrast to traditional restoration methods, modern construction methods were used on the new top storey. Whole bedroom pods, including bathrooms, were constructed off-site and delivered fully complete, including pictures on the wall.

The refurbished building comprises a reception, restaurant/bar for 45 diners, kitchen and auxiliary rooms on the ground floor, with future retail and commercial office space on the ground and first floors, with 58 bedrooms on the second floor and the remaining 42 bedrooms on the new top floor. All facilities meet Premier Inn standards.