Central Middlesex Hospital

Achieving the North West London Hospital Trust’s vision of a new model of care, the new build of Central Middlesex Hospital in Brent saw a replacement of facilities which dated back nearly a century.

Throughout the construction of the new centre the existing hospital remained fully operational. A major project consideration was to ensure disruption to existing hospital services and deliveries was minimal, and that access for patients and visitors was maintained. To achieve this, close coordination with the client, North West London Hospital Trust, was required, along with meticulous planning and phasing of all construction activities.

This project was secured through PFI. The Bouygues consortium provided fully integrated financing, design, construction and facilities management, and ensured a whole life approach was taken for the project’s design and development. The consortium is now contracted for life cycle and hard facilities management of the building for 30 years, with ICT and soft facilities management operated by the client.

The project design was created by HLM and Avanti Architects. Through regular consultation and health impact assessments, all key stakeholders, including the local community, were involved in the design process, enabling their aspirations and requirements to be channelled into the brief and design.