European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications (ESCAT)

The design for the five-storey building includes cellular offices, a two-storey conference wing, south facing courtyard and open and covered areas for staff and social events.

The new building has been designed to be highly sustainable, high performing, optimising energy use for maximum efficiency and taking into account comfort levels for the staff who are due to take up residence in the new offices.

The development incorporates a total of 32 deep ground source boreholes that are 121 metres deep. The boreholes are arranged in an array, linked to three exchanger units. The array is used to both heat and cool the building. A green roof has been installed on the conference wing, which also has high performance facades.

Within the building, all lighting is LED and highly efficient, as well as intelligently controlled.

The building plays host to around 100 ESA employees from 2015. As well as providing much-needed office space, the site also features an indoor and outdoor exhibition area and gym, as well as providing a new vehicular access route and parking.